After much “reminding” from my darling wife, this week I installed a new veggie garden. She thinks it is just for fresh produce, but little does she know that it also makes sense as a value add to our home.

Along with a rising global awareness of environmental issues, the subject of sustainability is one that has made a tangible impact on the property market. In the last few years, sustainability has gone from a subject rarely mentioned, to a significant selling point for homes.

There are many and varied ways in which a homeowner can transform their home to boost a sustainable profile, however, the easiest and most cost effective is to borrow an idea from our grandparent’s generation and start with a simple veggie patch. We were privileged to be part of an urban architectural initiative centred around verge farming and the value add to properties in our area was tangible, with homes selling for much more than their previous value.

There is much documented evidence of the benefits of an edible garden in terms of health and wellbeing, financial and social. My personal experience has been that myself and family benefit from fresh, nutrient dense food and it fosters social interaction with our neighbours with many “over the fence” food swaps and conversations. With governments recognising the value of self-sustainability, forward thinking councils are offering incentives for households to implement home gardens and placing sustainability requirements on new developments.

As for me, as an agent who sees the impact of sustainability on the housing market, we will start with our veggie patch, and as the saying goes – gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes!

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