This Easter, along with a plethora of chocolate, our family got a kitten. Much. To. My. Disgust. Yes, yes, I may be guilty of the occasional snuggle- but lets be honest- they are disgusting. The poop, the scratching, the stinky cat food, yuck!

As a real estate agent, one of the most awkward conversations I have is addressing the issue of pets when preparing a home for sale. For most sellers, their pet is considered a member of the family, so it is a very personal issue to address. While your lovely cat or dog might be the light of your life, here are some ways they can be sabotaging your sale:

  1. The first, the foremost, the worst! There is little that turns off a potential buyer quicker than the overpowering smell of your pet. Whether it be an odious litter tray, or the permeating smell of wet dog, this is one turn off which will have buyers turning straight back out your door.
  2. Cats scratch and dogs dig – these are inescapable facts of life. Unfortunately, these are also facts which can turn off potential buyers. If your home or yard resembles a demolition ground from your pet you will need to rectify any damage caused and possibly find a friendly relative to watch your pets while your home is on the market.
  3. Everywhere. Enough said.
  4. Your pet’s presence. No, not the little “presents” they leave on your mat. Buyers can have allergies and phobias relating to animals and the fact that your pet is in the home can prevent them from even coming through the front door.

My wife tells me that I am a grumpy old man, I prefer to think that I am practical. Pets are a fantastic addition to a family – but they can be a real estate agents nightmare when marketing your home. As for my family, it looks like stinky little Mishka is here to stay and I must admit – she is very cute!

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