Go on – Take the plunge!

I have a small problem at home – and that problem is my wife. Not that she isn’t lovely, all five foot nothing of her, but she is always coming up with ideas for our home that I don’t necessarily want. Whether it be a blackboard wall, planting a hedge, a kitten (ugh!) she always has a new project on the cook. Her current obsession is designing a pool. She wants a pool. I don’t want a pool. While a pool can certainly add value to a home, there are some definite negatives as well – maintenance, cost of running, you can only use them six months of the year, space etc.

We all know the key to a good marriage is compromise, so I have come up with a solution to meet her half way. This compromise is a plunge pool. You may have seen one featured on a home renovation show last year, these beautiful smaller pools are a great solution for families. Lets see if I can convince you and possibly her as well.

These beautiful smaller pools are a great solution for families

Here are my top five reasons why you should take the plunge with a plunge pool:

  1. Small space- big impact! The beauty of a plunge pool is that you can incorporate it to fit your space, without dominating the landscape of your home exterior. As opposed to the traditional pool, a plunge pool offers a high impact design, space efficient feature to complement the exterior of your home.
  2. Cost efficient. It makes sense, a smaller pool is more cost effective to run, less chemical, less energy to run or even heat. Which leads me to my next point.
  3. Year wide usage. The money you save on installation and running can easily be rolled into heating your pool. Instead of having a large investment sitting dormant for six months of the year, a heated plunge pool can be utilized by your family year round.
  4. Less maintenance. As the man who will be responsible for maintaining any pool we install, this is a pertinent factor for me.
  5. Great value add. If you get it right, a plunge pool can increase both the aesthetic and resale values of your home.

Plunge pools are increasing in popularity as families and investors take advantage of the flexibility in design and space efficiency they offer. A plunge pool is a great option to consider if you are looking at installing a pool in either an existing home or as a practical yet aesthetic feature when designing a new home. I’m pretty sure you can all see the overwhelming benefit of plunge pools – wish me luck in convincing my wife…

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