5 Tips for a Decluttered Home

New Year, new me…Right? If, like me, you have done your two minute New Year detox and are already over the rigorous exercise routine you were determined to stick to, lets look at a more realistic way to improve your life. Clutter in a home creates an environment of stress, turning your peaceful sanctuary into a jumble of disorganisation which flows into other areas of your life. We have scoured the web for the top five tips for you to transform your cluttered home into a streamlined, Zen sanctuary.

Tip 1

The number one tip according to RealEstate.com’s Alexandra O’Brien is to remove clutter, don’t create more storage space. It may sound obvious, but instead of heading to IKEA for another nifty storage solution (complete with trendy baskets), ask if you really need those items. Beautifully stored clutter is still clutter.

Tip 2

Who better to give us advise than Queen Oprah? Oprah’s favourite decluttering tip is to use hangers to determine what you are and are not using in your wardrobe. You start by turning all your coat hangers in the opposite direction, one you have worn the item you turn the coat hanger around. Anything you have not used within six months goes to Lifeline. You can also apply this principle to other areas of your home.

Tip 3

Give away one thing per day. Got too much stuff? Give it to someone else, now it’s their problem. Actually, Colleen Madsen from 365 Less Things embarked on a transforming journey where she gave away one item a day for a year. Try it – it could change your life too.

Tip 4

Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist personally recommends and uses the Four Box method. As you set out to declutter an area you sort everything into four boxes: trash, give away, keep or relocated. Each item in every room was placed in one of the four categories and sorted accordingly.

Tip 5

Make your bed. This is the space where we start and end each day, the one object in our house where we spend the most uninterrupted time. As simple as it may sound, experts say that the act of making your bed as soon as you get up in the morning sets you on a path of organisation and clarity throughout the day. Also, how good is it to slip beneath tightly tucked sheets at night? Bliss.

On a serious real estate side note, cluttered homes are a big turn off for buyers. Buyers find it hard to see past mess and clutter to the beauty of your home, decluttering will ensure you can achieve the best sale for your home. So there you have it, the best advise we could find to help you live a decluttered life, whether it be to improve your day to day living or the achieve the best sale for your home and it is still an easier resolution then trying to drink a kale smoothie.

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