Happy New Year 2018

Welcome to 2018! I hope your Christmas and New Years were full of joy and family. As the new year rolls around, many of us will be looking ahead to the changes which may come. For some of us it may be a career move, a new set of personal goals or perhaps even a good time to look at investing in the property market.

The Sunshine Coast property market continues to show strong growth, with some suburbs achieving capital gains of 10% or better. The strong market is expected to continue to climb for the next few years on the back of government investment in infrastructure, industry growth, jobs and lifestyle.

The Buderim market has achieved a median price rise of 6.78% in the last 12 months, showing steady growth above the national average of 4.3%. Properties continue to be tightly held in the blue-ribbon suburb, with a record low amount of listings in 2017. While Buderim may not have had the sky rocketing growth of other Sunshine Coast suburbs, it continues to be the choice for long term investment as it does not suffer the capital fluctuations associated with the boom suburbs.

If property investment is one of your new year goals, early 2018 is a good time to invest in the Sunshine Coast property market. According to National experts, including property research company Hotspotting, the Sunshine Coast is being touted as the place to buy and with prices expected to continue to increase over the next three to four years now is the time to invest and receive the rewards of the predicted capital growth.

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