Myth 8: All Real Estate Agents are created equal

I really enjoy a good Scotch Whiskey. Have you picked up on that? One thing that all Scotch enthusiasts know is that not all Scotches are created equal, the same could be said of real estate agents.

There is a common misconception that one real estate agent is the same as another and that you will get the same price for your property no matter who you choose. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. There are as many varieties of real estate agent as there are of Scotch, some are rough and cheap, some need a bit of aging, some are not the genuine deal and occasionally you find one who is all they promise to be -and that experience is one you will always remember.

While most agents will promise you the earth and are happy to tell you whatever you want to hear in regards to selling your property, when peeled back, they work on a churn model of selling which is to get you in and your property sold as quickly as possible -regardless of the results. Some agencies even offer incentives to their agents to turn over your property within a short time frame. The churn model appears good on the surface as the agent can impress sellers with a list of properties sold within your area, but scratch the surface and you will see the downside of using an agent who is turn over driven as opposed to result driven. A result driven agent will do all in their power to achieve the sale which works best for the seller, this will mean a sale on the best price and terms.

A fantastic agent is an agent who listens and communicates well. We call this six star service. To a top shelf agent, you are not simply another number, another sale to achieve, another house to flick. A great agent will understand your needs, will know who you are as a person and one who personally cares to achieve the best result for you. How do I find such an agent you ask? It can be a challenging task. Do your homework, ask people who have sold in your area of their experience with their agent, read reviews, look at the sale results for yourself. Don’t be fooled by a sale sign, ask for the story behind the sale.

The truth is, not all real estate agents are created equal. The training they receive, the model they work to and their own personal dedication to the seller are all factors in the results they will achieve. Your selling experience should be like drinking a smooth single malt Scotch Whiskey, and we all know that you deserve nothing but the best.

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