Myth 4: I only need to advertise online


The aim of marketing a home is to maximise exposure for the property and get as much traffic through the door as possible prior to sale. A good online strategy is certainly important for success, but it is only one piece of the puzzle.

“Data from emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) found that of the 1.8million likely property buyers, more than one million people read property content in print or online formats, and all buyers are more likely to read print than online content.”

Data collection from CoreLogic RP Data has found that a combination of online and print advertising results in a 12.5% increase in success rate and a 5.8% increase in price achieved as opposed to online advertising alone. My experience is that a multi-faceted approach including print advertising, quality window box displays, database marketing and even old fashioned letter box drops – worked in conjunction with a well strategized internet campaign- gives the best chance for a successful sale.

“emma also found that when it comes to house hunting, buyers with an income of more than $100, 000 are 33% more likely to read newspapers than the general population, and 74% of them use property content from news publishers.”

To put it simply, the more people we can attract to the property the more buyers we will have and the more buyers and competition, the higher the final sale price. You don’t know where the buyer for your home may come from, which is why I recommend a multi-facet marketing strategy. My experience and the available date all point to the fact that you must leave no stone unturned in your search for the right buyer for your property.

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