Myth 3 – Renovating will bring me top dollar

Sellers! Put down that paintbrush and step away from the hammer! While popular TV shows currently make it look easy to complete a whole house renovation in only a matter of days and add exponential value to your home, the reality is that you may be expending both money and effort for no return.

If you are considering making any alterations to your home before sale, it pays to ask for professional advice. Too often I see owners who overcapitalise on projects which they perceive as important to add value to their home, which are not necessarily what buyers are looking for. There is also the potential that poor workmanship from home DIYs or unfinished renovations could significantly decrease the value of your property and deter buyers.

Often homes can benefit from minor adjustments as opposed to major renovations and the professional advice from your agent can help to highlight the areas that will add true value to your home in the eyes of potential buyers. It also certainly pays to present your home in the best possible light before sale which may include professional styling, de-cluttering, professional clean, a tidied yard with fresh mulch and fresh paint.

Before attempting any renovations prior to sale, think carefully about what you are committing to. The dollar value investment of renovations may not eventuate in an equivalent sale return and there is always the risk your biggest investment could be more flop than flip.

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