Myth 2: The cheapest agent is the best agent


My father always said to me -stay away from cheap Scotch and cheap women. I would add cheap real estate agents to that list.

There is an old saying – you get what you pay for, this is as true in real estate as everywhere else. Savvy investors know that there is a big difference between a cheap product or service and value for money. Commissions are certainly a topic on seller’s minds when looking at listing your property, however, they should not be the defining factor in choosing an agent.

The decision on which agent to sell your biggest asset is certainly an important one, you want to choose the right person for your circumstances who will achieve the maximum result on your property. Rather than choosing your agent on commission rate, your decision should be based on their track record of sales results and knowledge of the local area. The perceived gain of lower commissions may seem like you are getting the best outcome, however, this can quickly end up providing less value for money and costing you more in the sale of your property.

A great agent is one who cares about your individual circumstances, has an intimate knowledge of the local area, is a skilful negotiator and is committed to achieving your goals rather than their own.

Every person wants to achieve the best sale for their biggest asset, so when choosing your agent a great question to ask is why are they cheap? A classy woman, a well aged scotch and a fantastic agent are choices you will never regret.

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